Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Etheridge knight's Funeral /April '91 / Our family loveds Eth /he gave us hope at a critical time

His sisters brought mums to set on the coffin at the cemetary / a red/white cross covered w/flowers held a note; i LOVE YOU Dad ,Zack /sat at his head / nurses ran to catch your second tear with tissue /The corpse of E.K. /IN A SILVER/HARDWARE WOODEN BOX AT THE fREE Will bAPTIST /FOUR MINISTERS /ONE PRIEST /ALL LOVING /Stories about his goodness /the sisters burst into hysteria at different times of the service / HIS NIECE cANDY HYSTEWRICAL /THE love he gave is coming back / each friend had a poem or letter they had written to Mr. E.K, eLIZABETH SAT IN THE FRONT WITH tHE FAMILY /Solid as rock / the final viewing / the procession / poets all assigned to sit on the left /the heart side / Steve Ziliak held Jude/in his arms /Steve holding me / Holding him / Patricia and lan /Richard and Ash / lost in the malaise of folks / Patricia never got to say I LOVE you to Etheridge after he bought her painting / Tandy's birthday /the 23rd / Patricia sang three songs at the cemetary/ I SAID tHE bONES of My Father / and The Sun Came / jean crouched

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