Wednesday, May 6, 2009


  1. JUST RIDING OUT NOW / I APPRECIATE THE TRIP / THE GETAWAY / THE HOME BOUND / THE BREAK IN ROUTINE BUT i LOVE YOU AND i LOVE nEW York /but I miss the kids /back home / the D,P,N AND A /BESIDES YOU HAVE A LOT to look at while I'm gone --I liked the kiss at the subway station /you know the workshop is the 7th /so spread the word /thereare fliers in the yellow box next to the bed / cross the old date out / It's too bad that I DIDN'T GET TO THE nEWYORICAN ON Wed. /I wanted to---This bus is stuck in the Lincoln tunnel / IT WILL BE A LONG ride /stay busy / I'LL BE BACK 'FORE YOU get too mad or sad or what yoiu do when I'm not there...

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