Tuesday, May 5, 2009

JULY /1997 /ARRIVING in N.Y. ,for the 4th time

  • We settle Mulberry Stree /Steve paints a picture for survival...we ponder nights ..wonder...make it moses levy Stoller /we slewep on the floor /MOSES/Moses / moses LEVY stoller / the demons finally leave /one after another / with no one to tell / chinese elder woman /knees bent /walk swiftly /pretty cottoned print sisters /sandals and short hair /one louse falls on my back and we know the dream is real /around Chinatown and Little ITALY /A marketplace/ Moses /now fourteen yrs. old disappears into the crowd . Holicost summer Applecity / this rock city / we drive a hard bargain /we have our artillery /weapons --the poems --the paintings...

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